Frequently asked questions

Secondbuy is market platform where user can buy or sell their New or Used Products, Machinery, Equipment and Services. Any person or company can use it to sell or buy their products or services.

There is limitation of free post for any user. After that its chargeable as per the Secondbuy post packages.

Before publishing the post Secondbuy verify the post images and descriptions. It should not be related to nudity or vulgar words. Regarding the post descriptions and dimension Secondbuy is not responsible. In this app buyer or service user can contact directly without any restrictions to post owner so there is no responsibility of Secondbuy regarding published post products or services weather its true or not. Buyer should verify the post owner and his post products/services before buying. Secondbuy is not responsible for any type of fraud or others.

Post expiry is the time limit of any post. A post will be discontinuing from the platform after its expiration. change time to time as per company policy. If post expired. A user can do it re-post.

Secondbuy don’t use user personal data except secondbuy services. Nor its leaked to any other company. User data is safe with the secondbuy company.

All Industries products, Machinery and Equipments available where any machinery and services used.