• Posted By : Anil Yadav
  • Blog Date : 20 Sep 2021

SECONDBUY is start-up and a Mobile App which is improving the life skill of Less educated or skilled person who are working in any Industry. This app is used today in used machinery buy sell and renting purpose. Secondbuy is also providing the all-types services also to all the entrepreneur who are manufacturing or trading something in their day-to-day business life.

Agri-Grain an Unorganised Industry:

As India is a Developing country. India’s Agriculture and Grain Industry is today unorganised sector. There are very less initiatives by Govt or private sector in this area to help or create a skilled manpower for the manufacturing industry.

Focused Industries of Secondbuy APP:

This is focused today in Agriculture, Grain and Food Industry. But, this app Cover Other allied Industries also as Chemical, Construction, Electrical, Electronics, Fire Technology, Industrial heavy Machinery, Material Handling, Packaging, Security, Truck & Trailers. With that it also covers all types spare parts and Components help to all Industry in its Industrial Products section.

Types of Manpower Available in Secondbuy:

Secondbuy App provide only technical manpower to Agri, Grain, Food Industry. All allied Industries also can use this manpower in their industry if they find it suitable. This app is providing today, Rice Mill Machinery Operators, Foreman, Sortex Machine Operator, Mills Accountant or Munim, Factory Supervisors, Factory Managers, Servcie Engineers, Labour Supervisor, Parboiled Plant Operator or Serve Customer Care executives.

Benefits of Less Educated Skilled Manpower on Secondbuy:

Today the less educated Manpower which belongs directly to rural area of India. They don’t know how to apply for a Job or How to create their profile online on any platform but they are working for very long in rural area Agriculture, Grain Industry Mills or field. There are many more opportunities for them in their states only. Secondbuy APP team help them to create their profile on this app and promote their profiles in their preferred state to get good job in their respected experienced Industry and this app is Free for all the skilled persons who want to apply over the platform.

Benefits of Processing Mills Owners:

This platform also helps those Millers and factory owners who are not getting skilled manpower for their factory or Mill. Secondbuy app platform help those millers who are in very interiors and not getting the manpower for their factory. Secondbuy APP give liberty to the rural factory or Mills owners to find the suitable manpower for their factory or Grain Mills.

How to Register on Secondbuy APP:

This is very easy to register on Secondbuy App for any person who has work experience in any Industry or factory. Just search Secondbuy App in Play store or iOS Store. Install the app and complete their simple profile with their mobile number. Later Visit to Post a job Column and fill the details of work experience, Required Job type, Preferred Locations and upload work related photo.
Another way to install app is just give a miss call on 9610805087 number. The app installation links will come by SMS on mobile, after that the user can install the app by clicking the links.

Process after Registration or How they will get Responses:

This app is used by Factory or Grain industry Millers. The Mill owners search suitable manpower for their factories and call directly to the available skilled persons in Manpower Column. Here the Factory owners and the Job applied person both discuss with each other about their work and if the factory or mill owner find the person suitable then they will call the person and offer a good salary. Here the skilled person is also having liberty to choose differenct mill owners as per their work capabilities.
So the Secondbuy APP is a start up for Agri Grain and Food industry with its allied industries. This app will change the way of working in Agriculture Grain and Food industry with its new used machinery buy sell rent and skilled manpower services as well.